Solowfest 2016

SoLow 2016

That thing you love is coming back.

Hello SoLow friends, supporters, performers, and people we just generally like,

Since Bill Murray didn’t see his shadow and the groundhog is still in love with Andie MacDowell the next day (that’s how that movie goes, right?), we here at the SoLow Fest HQ know that it’s spring and that means the SoLow Festival is just around the corner.

Don’t panic.

By just around the corner, we mean at least a SEPTA bus ride away, so if you need to stop and pick up a cup of coffee or a slice of pie, you’ve totally got time.

The things you need to know and tell all your friends about:


Signs of Life.

What are the things you found on your visits in your cardboard spaceship?  What’s living underneath your bed and underneath your bedroom floor?  Is there any life out there?

We’re dying to know.

WHEN do we want to know it?

SoLow Festival is June 1626, 2016

As always, the rules are the same.  We are not curated.

We do ask for a form of commitment due a month before the start of the festival.  Click here to download that form.

Please don’t send your form in before March because we’re still getting back into the swing of things.

You’ll be hearing more from us as we get closer to June about bake sales, open mics, parties and other expressions of love.

We’ve got this.  You’ve got this.

All the love,
Meredith, Lauren, Lena and Chris