We are a do-it yourself festival dedicated to new, experimental work focusing on solo performance with low-maintenance and low-stress. We are a compilation of artistic opportunity to provide an impetus for artists of all disciplines to create work that you never thought you could. With all shows being pay-what-you-can (PWYC), we proudly present audiences exposure to performers breaking new ground in the raw.

SoLow Fest was founded in 2010 by Philadelphia performance artists Thomas Choinacky and Amanda Grove. Seeking a way to present their own solo work, with minimal expense, they conceived the idea by jointly presenting their work and reaching out to other interested artists. Now in its fifth year SoLow continues to experiment with their niche of using non-traditional locations and venues, inspiring artists and audiences alike to challenge the norm of theatre and making and seeing art that may otherwise never be created.

As of 2015, the Solow Founders handed the Fest off to a team of local Philadelphia artists: Chris Davis, Lauren Tracy, Lena Barnard, and Meredith Sonnen.

Immerse yourself in 11 days of strange, creative joy: SoLow Fest.


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