2016 Shows

3:44 by Claris Park and Grayce Hoffman.  Katie is a 24 ­year-­old recent college grad and consultant at PCG. Life is good, but even after working 80-­hour ­weeks, Katie doesn’t get any sleep. Every night, she wakes up disoriented, and she has taken to doing exercises to help her pinpoint the cause of her sleep issues. On this particular night, she wakes up with a jolt…. Performer: Claris Park. Director: Grayce Hoffman. Design: David de Lacoste-Azizi. Graphic Design: Shreshth Khilani.  Genre: Comedy-Drama.  Run Time: 45 minutes. Performances: June 24th & 25th at 7 & 9 pm  Location: Corner of 43rd and Chester.  Tickets: PYWC $5-10 suggested.

An Act of Intensity; or, What Remains When a Person is Gone Subtitle: for C. D. Wright by Ben Grinberg, with writings by CD Wright Performed by Ben Grinberg. The poet C. D. Wright didn’t like to eat octopus (she thought they were smarter than human beings), but when she cracked in desperation, she would remark about how she liked the taste. “I have realized that your work is important in a way that I didn’t fully understand,” Eiko said to the young man with the camera, who just-so-happened to be at the table on a warm summer night in Santiago when C. D. ate a cephalopod, “What you do preserves people who are no longer here.” Genre: Poetry/Dance/Theatre Outside Eyes: Alice Yorke and Nick Jonczak Show Times: June 22nd at 7pm and June 24th at 8:30pm. Run Time: 45 minutes Location: 5th & Cecil B. Moore

Belonging by Alana Gerlach. Belonging (2)Given up for adoption, struggling to fit in her new life, this dramedy explores the meaning of family and what it means to belong. Genre: Dramedy. Run Time: 45-60 minutes Location: East Gate Church – 3500 Spring Garden Street Performances: Friday, June 24 @ 8, and Saturday, June 25 @ 2 & 8 pm.  Reservations: alanagerlach@yahoo.com

The Best of Me Edit - High Contrast


The Best of Me, created by J Hernandez and Amanda Schoonover On September 16, 1996, blood had begun to seep through the ceilings of Ricardo Lopez’s Hollywood, FL apartment complex. Police enter the apartment to find the body of a man covered in grease paint, along with 18 hours of video footage and a note on the wall reading “The Best of Me.” Ricardo Lopez’s videotapes … a series of recordings which capture his views on life, love, art, revenge, obsession, loneliness, and death, were confiscated by the FBI in their investigation when they discovered he put into motion an assassination attempt on the life of pop singer, Bjork, in his wake. Later, these videotapes would be released to journalists through their media center. Within a few years, they were anonymously released on YouTube for the entire world to see … where they remain online to this very day. This is Ricardo’s story. Intended for Mature Audiences  Directed by: Amanda Schoonover. Performances: Sunday 19th @ 4PM, Monday 20th @ 4PM  Run Time: 45-55 minutes.  Genre: theatre piece.  Location: Studio X, 1340 S. 13th Street  Tickets: PWYC, suggest $5 donation. Notes: Intended for Mature Audiences

Bind: An In-Progress Showing by Corinna Burns.  In 1993, Corinna dropped out of college and moved into the city of Philadelphia. Then she went a little wild, and took an unusual job. This is the story of that time. This show is not family friendly. Show Times: June 16th, 17th at 9pm and June 18th at 12:30pm and 7:30pm.   Run Time: 30 minutes.  Genre: Solo theatre piece/ monologue.  Location: Skinner Studio at Plays & Players.  Tickets: PWYC Reservations:  bindinprogress@gmail.com




Catholic Guiltcreated by Kelly McCaughan. A dark comedic telling of what it was like being raised Catholic and attending private Catholic school from preschool through 12th grade. Show Times: June 24th, 25th and 26th at 8:30pm.  Run Time: no longer than an hour  Genre: dark comedy.  Location: TBA Tickets: suggested $5 donation





Cemetery Dance for SoLow FestCemetery Dance by Julia Brandenberger.  In a landscape featuring “signs of death”, our attention will be directed on life.  We’ll begin with a guided meditative walk to the location where I will share my practice of dancing in cemeteries. My movement vocabulary is grounded in ballet and extends from that center. The performance concludes with a participatory practice sharing. Show Times: June 24th and 25th at 6pm. Run Time: 40 minutes. Genre: Dance, Meditative Practice, Nature. Location: Woodlands Cemetery, the entrance across from the 40th St trolley portal where Baltimore Ave and Woodland Ave intersect S 39th St. Tickets: PWYC


Chinchilla Coats by Chris Davis. Covering such topics as: the true cost of a chinchilla coat, ChrisDavisChinchillaCoatA3animal cruelty, depression, family dollar stores, one-liners and the excruciating anxiety of living in our modern age. In Chinchilla Coats, American stand-up Chris Davis explores new comedic terrain, and illuminates life’s turmoils with his dry observations, or something like that. A world-premiere stand-up show that will be performed in Edinburgh Fringe 2016. See it before Scotland does!! Tickets: PWYC Location: Plays & Players 3rd Floor – 1714 Delancey Street Show Times: June 16 – Thursday – 10:30pm, June 17Friday10:30pm, June 18Saturday10:00pm, June 19Sunday8:00pm  Reservations: chinchillacoats.brownpapertickets.com


Cockatrice by Bradley Wrenn. Cockatrice is cruel tale fueled by imagination. It makes you feel special, while drawing you deeper and deeper into the bowels of a dank and musty dungeon. The piece demands that you believe in a world that is both there and not there. My goal is to lose total control of the audience, have them kill me and toss my body on banks of the Ganges. Genre:  Horrifying Clown NIghtmare Run Time: 35 minutes Tickets: PWYC Location: Plays & Players – Skinner Studio 1714 Delancey Street

The Dark Room- SoLow Fest

The Dark Room by Julia Brandenberger.“The Dark Room” is an experiential journey in darkness.  A pitch black room, fire, and personal objects are all part of the intimate, participatory landscape.  The hour long experience is shared among four people. Music: Ryan Dougherty. Show Times: June 18th: 1-2 PM, 2:15-3:15 PM, 3:30-4:30 PM Run Time: 75 minutes. Genre: Site Specific, Participatory, Guided Journey. Location: Headlong Dance Theatre Capacity: 3 people per performance. Tickets: PWYC. Email jnbrandenberger@gmail.com for reservations.

Dream Sequence by Noah Levine. Directed by Amelia Williams. WANTED: Three interested artists to attend the inaugural meeting of U­TACO (Unaffiliated Theatre Artists Creating Opportunities). I will NOT get distracted by anything­­not any of my hobbies, or my sleep deprivation, or this tasty looking banana. What is this banana doing here anyway? Genre: Theatre, intimate but not interactive. Run Time: 30 minutes Location: 45th & Locust

Alex Project SoLow HighRes

Everything’s Fine! (#theaternow) by Alex Clothier. Directed by Tommy Butler. Alex’s grandma was hit by a train. It’s one of the [many] things his family doesn’t discuss, so Alex has decided to talk about it with total strangers. An extemporaneous explorationof family and storytelling, Everything’s Fine! is an intimate event full of secrets, laughter, and food.  Show Times: Saturday, June 25th at 8pm and Sunday, June 26th at 2pm. Genre: Comedy/Storytelling/Improvisation Run Time: 60 minutes. Tickets: Suggested $10 Location: Reed & Dickinson Producer/Dramaturg: Emilia LaPenta Reservations: emilia.lapenta@gmail.com More info: Watch This Video

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Felix the Helix makes your brain happy! Okay, imagine a lounge singer using a magic box to open portals to other times, other places. You can step through them to witness unearthly vistas, beautiful and terrifying, and then return home wiser for the trip. Got it? Great. Also, banjo.  Created by Pete Heleva. Run Time: 60 minutes. Genre: Performance art – music, Post Lounge/Electrofolk (Alternative/underground electronic pop music) Lyrics have a Zen bent. Location: Little Berlin, 2430 Coral Street ,Philadelphia PA 19125 Show Time: Tuesday, June 21st at 7:00 pm More info: facebook and soundcloud


For A Good Time Call (14th Street) Created by Mike Durkin. A man will be tethered to his phone for a week, he will pick it up at any hour. Call the number. Speak to the guy. Complete a task. Meet at a location. For A Good Time Call is about getting lost, discoveringCall-1new things and understanding our diverse communities. From the guy who brought you Roses Are Red, and Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks. Show Times: June 16th – 23rd. 24 hours. Run Time: 60 minutes Genre: Interdisciplinary, Dance, Theater, Site-Specific, Audience of One  Location: All over the city. Special Instructions: A number will be revealed at midnight on Wednesday June 15th, audience will call the number and await instructions.  This will lead to a potential meet-up. Phone Number: 267-343-2009

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Get a Way Closer by Donald Hallcom. 5 characters: male, female, young-ish, not so young, biped, quadruped, etc. – share their perspectives, experiences, and thoughts on: sardines, UFC, Bach, howling at the moon, family, and, what’s right and wrong with the world. Show Time: June 26th at 3pm. Run Time: 50-60 minutes. Genre: Monologue – comedy/drama/absurd. Location: William Way Community Center – Philadelphia Room. Tickets: PWYC





Harley by Eric Singel.  Harley is eighteen years old today. “Today” is September 11. And that’s the BEST thing about Harley’s day. Of course, he’s vlogging about it, but…well, you’ll see.  Performed by: Johnny Smith.  Genre: Staged reading.  Run Time: 1 hour.  Location: TBA.  Tickets: PWYC $5 suggested.

HM logo by Brienne Jones

How to Get from Hebron to Ramallah Join Humble Mumbles on a short “arduous” jaunt as we simulate the experience of West Bank travel, as unreliably experienced by privileged white Westerners.  We’ll go via foot, (imagined) taxi and bus from East Jerusalem —> Hebron —> Ramallah. Experience checkpoints, avoid soldiers & hear recordings of people who do it every day. Plus snacks.Created and Performed by Humble Mumbles. Run time:  30 minutes. Genre: Radio performance Location: 9th and Federal Please note: This is a short walking tour with an audio component

I, Phone by J. Gulotta.  It’s the apocalypse and Lisa is with the one she loves most: her phone. Lisa makes phone call. Lisa makes phone text. Lisa makes phone bow to her every whim. Laurel is that phone. Seek shelter with us as girl-with- gadget and gadget-played- by-girl brave the storm of the century.  Performed by: Laurel Margaret Johnson and Lisa Colasanti.  Directed by: Amanda Claire Buckley. Run time: 45 minutes.  Genre: Comedy.  Location: The Art Church (5219 Webster Street.) Date: June 25th at 8 pm


Jack O’Keeffe Talks About Radiohead.  Jack O’Keeffe invites you to his apartment for a fun and informal presentation on his favorite band, Radiohead, and what they mean to him. There’s nothing in his bedroom. Don’t go in his bedroom. Ignore the sounds coming from his bedroom. You are not safe in the bedroom.  Director: Shannon Fahey.  Run Time: 40 minutes.  Genre: Comedy, PowerPoint Presentation, Horror, Educational, Sing-Along. Show Times: June 17th at 8pm and 10pm, June 18th at 2pm and 8pm, June 19th at 2pm and 8pm.  Location: 8th and Wallace. Tickets: PWYC.  Reservations: RadioheadJack@gmail.com

Jealous by Monica Wiles is an exploration of the worst.  “There’s just one shot left in this glass… don’t make me break it” – Beyonce.  In Collaboration with: Erin Carney, Dani Solomon and Emily Dale White.  Run Time: 45 minutes.  Genre: Interdisciplinary, multimedia, comedy, tragedy, dance, poetry.  Location: 22nd and Point Breeze.  Capacity: 10-20.  Tickets: PWYC $5 suggested.  Sharing the bill with: Specula.


Kid Haus Present’s Mikie Mayo’s Baby Sitters Club Experiment. Mikie will perform a completely improvised show with nothing more than a copy of the The Baby Sitters Club in his living room, throughout the performance directors Erin Carney, Ciera Gardner, Monica Wiles will come from upstairs interrupt the performance, and give a completely different direction without seeing it! This will only happen one time so STAY WOKE!!!  Creators: Mikie Mayo, Erin Carney, Ciera Gardner, Monica Wiles.  Genre: Improvisational, Comedy, Dance.  Run Time: 30-45 minutes.  Location: Federal and Dorrance.  Show Time: June 21st at 11pm.  Tickets: PWYC.  Reservations: michaeldavidmayo@gmail.com

STB and KJSLiving a Making by Sean Thomas Boyt and Kat J. Sullivan A two­for­one: Living a Making consists of a pair of brand new solos created, traded, and performed by Sean Thomas Boyt and Kat J. Sullivan. These dance works abstract professional insecurities, expectations of the future, and personal narrative onto the body and into the open. Performed outside, rain or shine. Genre: Dance Run Time: 20 minutes Location:Washington Square Park (southwest corner) Performances: 1pm, 3pm. 5pm, 7pm on Sunday, June 26. more info: STBDancing.com katjsullivan.com

Lucid Story 2

Lucid Story by Gavin Whitt.  Lucid has been nursing a broken heart since the beginning of mankind. He’s ready to speak out and set the record straight. Two of the world’s oldest figures come alive to tell the story of a love affair gone wrong. Once the truth is out whose side will you be on? Performed by: Whimsycube.  Genre: Storytelling/Theater. Run Time: 45 minutes. Location: Studio 1831. Show Times: June 24 and June 25 @ 7:30pm. Tickets: $8.  More info: whimsycube.com




Magdalene by Rachel Gluck. Directed by Brenna Geffers. Performed by Colleen Mary ImageHughs. Presented with Curio Theatre Company Sequestered in a cave by saints, a mystical woman waits. She has been called many things: Priestess. Heretic. Whore. Inconsequential. She is expecting you. This part ritual, part performance tells the story of Mary Magdalene, one of the most complex but recognizable icons of the feminine divinity. Genre: Theater, Storytelling, Movement. Show Times: June 16th at 8pm, June 17th at 8pm, June 18th at 9pm, June 19th at 4pm, June 24th at 10pm, June 25th at 9pm, June 26th at 6:30pm. Run Time: 45 minutes Location: Curio Theatre, The Calvary Center – 4740 Baltimore Ave.  As space is limited, we recommend reserving seats at http://www.colleenhughes.com/magdalene

Marguerite (working title) by Martha Stuckey & Douglas Williams. Marguerite has no friends.  Marguerite has ideas.  Marguerite will use ideas to have friends.  Friends! Ideas! Marguerite! Ideas! Dates: 6/17 @ 8pm, 6/19 @ 3pm, 6/20 @ 8pm Run Time: 45 minutes Genre: Devised awkward comedy with music and free beer. Location: Dauphin & Almond (Fishtown)

micromania final

Micromania by Julius Ferraro explores the human obsession (fear?) with the tiny, inconsequential, and useless. Trapped in the abominable TeamWorkShop with no tools but their minds, three coworkers will escape only by ridding the office of an (imaginary?) infestation. Will they fall prey to the infernal machinations of this mellifluous influence?  Directed by Dani Solomon.  Show Times: June 16th, 18th, 19th and 21st at 7:30pm.  Run Time: 55 minutes. Genre: Theatre.  Location: Headlong Dance Theater offices.  Capacity: 20.  Tickets: PWYC. Reservations: email ferrarojulius@gmail.com


“Music to Laugh By” by Hank Curry & Lesley Berkowitz This is a two person ( so not solo, but we are keeping it in the ethos of solow) clown exploration of Muzak and the desire to control other people through music. Genre: Clown show. Tickets: $5-1o suggested. Champagne available for a $6 donation. Tickets: Reserve by emailing music2laughby@gmail.com Location: The Whole Shebang in South Philadelphia ( 1813 S 11th St) Performances: 7 pm June 16, 17th, and 18th.




Oliver and David: Mystic Masters by Oliver Jane and David Jacobi  Come witness back-to-back solo performances by David Jacobi and Oliver Jane. David dabbles in Chaos Magick. Oliver dabbles in Eastern Philosophy and Shamanistic modalities. But make no mistake…they are MASTERS. Join them in Oliver’s lavish garden and let them feed you spirituality, the occult, and vegetarian grub… Show Times: June 23rd and 24th at 7pm. Run time:  45 minutes.Genre: Interactive comedy/ dinner theatre Location:  North Lithgow St and Harlan St.  Email oliverjanej@gmail.com for reservations

Talia Mason Onion Dances SoLowFest

Onion Dances, Created by Talia Mason After slicing bags of onions, I still hadn’t cried. For most this would be a good thing, but for me, it was disappointment.  My strategy was to cut into the collective memory I believe onions contain. Uncooked, eager, inquisitive, Onion Dances is a solo exploration of my roots. Show Times: June 17th at 7pm, 18th at 8pm and 26th at 7pm. Run Time: 40 minutes Location: Headlong Dance Studios Tickets: $5-10 at the door.  Sound Designer & Dramaturg: Mira Treatman Genre: Dance-theater, interdisciplinary, storytelling, modern dance.  For more information, visithttps://taliamason.com/news

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pause. by Vanessa Erin Gross.  You are in a home.  The lights flicker.  You think you’re alone. “pause.” is a silent exploration of physicality and flaws that questions who I am and if I want to be that person.  BYO flashlight.  Show Times: June 22nd and 23rd at 9pm.  Run Time: 25-30 minutes. Genre: Dance.  Location: Morris and Hicks Sts. Tickets: PWYC

SoLow Fest PosterThe Post-Modern Percussionist, Created and Performed by Andy Thierauf is a solo percussion concert featuring original works for acoustic instruments and electronics. Combining found instruments like tin cans, flower pots, and pipes along with traditional percussion instruments, Andy explores sound, noise, and everything in between.  Show Time: June 24th at 8pm.  Run time: 60 minutes. Genre: music/sound design. Location: The Iron Factory, Fontain St., between Mascher and Howard Sts.  Tickets: PWYC, suggest $5.  More info: www.andythierauf.com

wootREFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED created and performed by Nicole Quenelle
How do we measure time? What is contained in a moment? And just what the heck are we waiting for, anyway? Join JoAnn Merriweather in a time management seminar for you, the employees of Building 14, as we take a deep dive into these questions—and potentially our Google calendars. Refreshments will be provided. (This piece is a work-in-progress excerpt of THE LONG TIDES, a piece exploring themes of time, work, solitude and salvation — with inspiration from Ted Talks, Stephen Hawking, and the writings of T.S. Elliot. It premiers in the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe.) Note: This performance includes both audience participation and gluten. Genre: Time management seminar (theater) Run Time: 35-40 minutes Location: The Skinner Studio at Plays & Players (1714 Delancey Place) Tickets: Pay What You Can ($5-$10 suggested donation) Reservations: email nicolequenelle@gmail.com Dates: June 16th and 17th at 8 p.m., June 18th at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

mira_irina_newRejected Thoughts Created by Mira Treatman & Irina Varina As friends and collaborators, we worked closely to hold space for each other to share: that thing on our mind lately, or that thing that’s been there for years and wouldn’t leave, what/who we love now, what fears, and what about our bodies (there will be dancing, there will be talking). We labeled some of the things that came out “rejected thoughts”. Come be our guest in a lovely South Philly home as we share what emerged out of this. Possible manifestations include: a dance routine with swan arms; Mira’s reading from a play she wrote at age 15; Irina’s waiting for somebody to open 10,000 doors. Run time: 50 minutes Genre: Dance theater, performance art Location: South Philadelphia home near Reed & 22nd (there is a cat) Tickets: suggested $5-10 donation Reservations: email miraitreatman@gmail.com Capacity: 20 Dates: June 22, 24, 25 at 7pm.



School Play by Jack Tamburi & Terry Brennan. Directed by Jack Tamburi. Performed by 146612432995532Terry Brennan. School Play is a comic adventure set in the American educational system featuring an eager student battling his inability to sit still, his hyper-enthusiasm for show and tell and his love for “non-academic” subjects. Terry Brennan (Tribe of Fools) uses comedy, acrobatics and hand-balancing to tell a silly and heartwarming story of a kid who just wants to fit in.Show Times: June 17th at 6pm, June 18th at 3:30 and 6:30pm and June 19th at 5:30.  Genre: Physical Theatre, Comedy Sound Designer: Kyle Yackoski  Run Time: 30 minutes Tickets: PWYC Location: Plays & Players – 3rd Floor, 1714 Delancey Street Check Out: Tribe of Fools.org
SEX TALK (campfire) by Katherine Perry. Directed by Shamus Hunter McCarty. ICampfirebaset’s 2016: catcalling is out, gender neutral bathrooms are in, and everyone at Elsewhere, Inc. is required invited to attend a sensitivity training led by Sexual Harassment Healing Guru, Sheldon Blanks, but Brooke Spitz has other plans… Sex! Singing! S’more! Everything is on the table – even Brooke. SEX TALK (campfire) is an outdoor experience. Genre: Comedy, cabaret/musical, improvisation, interactive Run Time: 30 – 45 minutes. Show Times: June 22nd at 9:00pm, June 24th at 8:30pm & 10:00pm and June 25th 5:30pm. Tickets: http://goo.gl/forms/Jc1Zghhx6i99zEMN2 Location: Headlong Dance Studios (Campground) Special Thanks: Jennifer MacMillian

She-Fool by Francesca Piccioni and Randi Hickey.  She is your average, American clown, and aspiring feminist. She-fool playfully navigates the misconceptions and misunderstandings of third-wave feminism, and how it manifests in media, relationships, and body image. Creators Randi Hickey and Francesca Piccioni grapple with She’s ignorance and curiosity as she seeks to find the truths behind feminism.  Dramaturgy by: Aria Velz.  Sound Design by: Eliana Fabiyi.  Genre: Feminism, clown, multimedia.  Run Time: 50 minutes.  Show Times:June 24 at 7pm and June 25 at 1pm and 6pmLocation: 41st and Filbert.  Capacity: 30.  Tickets: $5 suggested donation.  More information: Blog and Pinterest

The Larchwood Sky Parlor is pleased to announce “Snickers and Bun,” an intimate
performance detailing the chaotic love between a magical puppet and a deranged rabbit.  Created and Performed by: Cory Kram.  Genre: Interdisciplinary performance art.  Run Time: 1 hour. Show Times: June 16th and 25th at 8pm.  Location: 49th and Larchwood.  Tickets PWYC.  More information: Here and Here 
sky is base
sky is base by Evelyn Langley, Will Colella, Arielle Pina. sticks and stones, but mostly sky. some resilience and some crumbling.  some careful and some careless. a personal goodbye to the city. a thank you. a little dance, a little mark, a little babysong of celebration and excitement and uncertainty in an abandoned lot of glass, graffiti, cement, and plants. hope of being seen whole and changing. Genre: dance, sound design, visual art, site-integrated, site-appreciative, storytelling, cloud gazing Run Time: 30 minutes.  Show Times: June 19th, 20th and 21st at 6pm. Location: East Side of Cecil B. Moore Visual Artist: Rebecca Ott Reservations: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sky-is-base-tickets-25708402524 Tickets: PWYC/$5
Specula: an odyssey by Erin Carney. Puppets! Sparkle bras! Fun for the whole family, (excluding kids) A hero’s journey to find the legendary Fountain of Youth. Staged in a South Philly row home, the audience follows on a geographic odyssey to track down the famed fountain. On the way, our hero battles monsters both internal and external. Created in collaboration with: Claire Pitts, Monica Wiles, John Cherney, and Anna Gary. Show Times: June 17th-19th at 7pmRun Time: 45 minutes. Genre: Quest Theatre. Fantasy. Puppetry. Location: 21st and Reed.Capacity: 5-10  Tickets: suggested $5 donation, email erincarney13@gmail.com to reserve a ticket.  Sharing the bill with:Jealous by Monica Wiles.
WILL MERYL PICWhat It Looks Like (Or, Something Resembling…) by James Haro. Performed by Meryl Sands. Jay and Stella have eloped – but must stomach a seventy-two hour waiting period before they can retrieve their marriage license. After a sleepless night, Garcin becomes increasingly convinced that a deal she made with a stranger might cost her a lot more than she had ever intended. What It Looks Like is a short one-person play which draws heavy inspiration from the classic play No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre, the music of Bruce Springsteen, and the board game Monopoly. For reservations please email: WILLSoLowTix@gmail.com (Admission includes a Haro-Family Style Chicken or Vegan Taco) Additional Design by: Emily Schuman.  Co-Produced by: Seven Engines.  Genre: Theatre. Magical Surrealism. Show Times: June 16 @ 7pm, June 17 @ 7pm, June 18 @2:30 pm and 5:30 pm, June 19 @ 2:30 pm  Run Time: 40 minutes.  Location: Plays & Players Skinner Studio. Capacity: 20.  Tickets: PWYC $5-10 suggested.