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SoLow Festival is an annual event for solo performance held in Philadelphia, PA. Inspiring individuals to make and produce art that would otherwise never be created. We are an inexpensive artistic festival dedicated to presenting new, experimental, and solo work in a collective manner. It is free for artists to be a part of SoLow.

The 2016 festival is June 16-26.

Fill out the Form of Commitment below. Deadline: May 16, 2016 (one month before the festival begins). Please print clearly or type. If you have image(s) for your show please share them with us.

Click here to download the commitment form: SoLowFormofCommitment2016

Feel free to contact SoLow curators: Lena Barnard, Lauren Tracy, Meredith Sonnen, and Chris Davis. Email your completed form of commitment to:

Stay up-to-date at


The 2016 theme for the festival is “SIGNS OF LIFE”. Think about how your show can fit within these parameters, and create from there.


  • All artists will be contacted by email when their form of commitment is received.
  • All artists who complete and turn in this form are ‘accepted’ into the festival. No one is turned away.
  • SoLow Fest supports your work; we DO NOT produce your work.
  • SoLow is not responsible for insurance.
  • We require everyone to find her/his own venue.
  • The complete festival schedule will be announced on in late-May 2016.
  • The earlier you send in your application, the earlier details about your show will go up on the SoLow website.
  • Check the website for updates regularly, and/or email any questions to:





  • COST OR MONEY DUE: Nothing!


Email is SoLow’s most common form of communication.

Contact Info

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Show Info

Title of Show

(or Company Name, if applicable)

Creator/ Playwright(s)
Other artists/designers (Name/Job)
Is this an original work? (Yes or No)





Please name the category/categories that best describes your show.  (i.e. burlesque, comedy, dance, interdisciplinary, multimedia, sound design…)






A 50-word description used to promote your show. For marketing purposes.





PLEASE NOTE: We recommend shows running from approximately 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Run time can be outside of these times, but it is highly recommended to stay within these parameters. We strongly encourage collaboration to have a successful show and sufficient running time. Also, do think about your ticket price. We recommend PWYC: $5, but no more than $10. We ask that no audience member be turned away due to cost. Take into account your production costs (hopefully not much) and audience size when considering being a part of SoLow Fest.

Show Details

Running time of show
Ticket price (if not PWYC)
Have you found a venue for the show yet? (Yes or No)
If yes, is the venue a house/ apartment? (Yes or No)
Name of Venue (put HOME if it is a residence)
Venue Capacity/ Audience Size
Venue Address
Venue Street Corners


If the performance is in a home we will market the show referencing the corner it is near. Only people who purchase tickets or have full inquiry will receive actual addresses of private performances.





(If applicable, list any additional information you would like us to know. Websites, photos, etc.)





  • Start working on or continue crafting and creating your project or performance.
  • Secure your venue and brainstorm dates and times you would prefer. We will contact you with more specific details soon such as other performances near yours, artists seeing to share a bill, exciting events, etc.
  • Select/design a high resolution image for your show and send it to us. The sooner we get it, the sooner it will be placed on the website, and will have a higher possibility of being in press materials we send out.
  • We recommend writing and sending out your own press releases for your show.
  • Check your email, the website: and Facebook for updates, coinciding events, opening and closing parties, etc.
  • SoLow is run on a volunteer basis. Have time to assist with other shows? Let us know! This is all a part of the collaboration.
  • Contact us if anything should change after you’ve submitted this form.  Keep us updated on your project/progress as well!
  • Tell all your friends.  No one is “turned away.”
  • Any questions or comments can be sent to Lena Barnard, Lauren Tracy, Chris Davis, and Meredith Sonnen at